Want to get a package delivered locally?

GoGet.Delivery is the best and simplest way to get a local delivery service to collect or deliver packages locally.

GoGetDelivery gets it delivered when you need a local delivery but you don't have your own delivery service.

We will connect you to a local delivery service that can make your local deliveries. GoGetDelivery will ensure your package gets delivered in time. 

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What you'll get

Customers can be assured that they get a locally based delivery service to make their deliveries.  

We work with local delivery services to find the one that is right for you. 

So whether  your are sending or picking up a small package or delivery, you can get it delivered to you, or your customer, by the right local delivery service.

Best of all the service is FREE!

Don’t take our word for it.
Listen to what our customers are saying

“GoGetDelivery just worked!It was as simple as that. Everytime I tried it, no matter where I was when I tried it. I always got a local delivery service very near to me.” 

 CEO, Pied Piper Foods

“I use it all the time. If a local vendor doesn't actually deliver. I just pay them via bank tranfer and get GoGet.Delivery to pick it up for me.”

Apapa Resident

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a local delivery service?

A local delivery services help you get items that you ordered online or that you had upgraded to be sent to you locally. They are also referred to as local courier services.

A local delivery service allows you to get the package you ordered delivered to your door (or other location) without you having to travel to pick it up.

Do you give money back guarantee?

Our service is free.

THe local delivery service may however ofr this guarantee. Ask them.

I have a local delivery service. How can I join the GoGetDelivery network?

Send us an email at onboarding@goget.delivery introducing yourself.
We will respond immediately.

73, Oduduwa Crescent, GRA Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria

Open from 7AM - 4PM on all 365 days of a year